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SCB Club Forums 2013

Please find below all the information presented at the SCB Club Forums 2013:

The main presentation slides:

SCB Club Forums 2013 website

The slides from Plummer Parsons:
CASC SCB Sports Presentation

The slides from Active Sussex:
Active Sussex Funding Opps – SCB Club Forum


Affiliation of Clubs

Clubs can affiliate to the Sussex Cricket Board, which includes affiliation to the ECB. We have 3 tiers of Affiliation to reflect the level of support we can offer each tier:

Gold - for Focus Clubs

Silver - for Non-Focus Clubs playing League Cricket

Bronze - for Non-League Clubs

Please note all Leagues in Sussex require clubs to be affiliated to SCB to participate. Affiliation also requires clubs to fulfil criteria around insurance and welfare.

For more information please contact your Cricket Development Manager.

Senior Leagues

There are 4 Senior Cricket leagues in Sussex:

Sussex Cricket League

This is the ECB Premier League in Sussex and has four 1st XI divisions (Divisions 1 and 2 and Divisions 3 West and 3 East), four 2nd XI competitions which mirror the 1st XI leagues and a 3rd XI competition. Each league contains 10 teams.

From the end of the 2010 season, the bottom club in the Sussex Cricket League Division 3 West and East will be relegated to the West Sussex Invitation Cricket League and East Sussex League respectively, with the winners of each of those leagues being promoted.

West Sussex Invitation Cricket League

This league was formed in 2009 through the merger of the West Sussex League and the Sussex Invitation Cricket League. There are 10 divisions, divisions 8-10 play 40/40 cricket. The winners of this league will be promoted to the Sussex Cricket League Division 3 West and their 2nd XI will follow.

East Sussex Cricket League

The East Sussex League contains 120 teams in 12 divisions each of 10 teams. The league structure is free flowing such that a club's 2nd XI can be promoted to any level other than in the same division as their 1st XI.

Mid Sussex Cricket League

The Mid Sussex League contains 5 divisions of 10 teams and is not yet integrated into the league “pyramid” system, though discussions are currently taking place to try to achieve this.

Junior Leagues and Competitions

There are 5 Junior Cricket Leagues in the County, each offering a range of competitive opportunities from U9 to U16.

Identilam League – this league operates in the North of Sussex

North and Mid Sussex League

East Area Junior Cricket League

South Area Junior Cricket League

West Area Junior Leagues

In addition, the long standing Sussex Junior Cricket Festival is a hugely well respected competition for clubs to enter in the summer holidays. Each age group plays during 1 week of the holidays, culminating in a final on the following Sunday. Nearly 200 teams enter this festival which provides children with the opportunity to play a longer format of the game. Contact Mike Littlejohns - mikeedlj@aol.com.

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