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Santander Under 10s Cup

For all information regarding The 2012 Santander Under 10's Cup Please download the following PDF and return all forms to Gary Wallis-Tayler.

Santander Under 10's Cup 2012 Santander Under 10's Cup 2012 (519 KB)

SCCC Community Initiative

The community initiative is a commitment from Sussex County Cricket Club and Sussex Cricket in the Community Trust to expand its charitable aims and objectives. It targets the most disadvantaged areas of Sussex to develop young people’s potential and in turn create safer, stronger and healthier communities through the power of sport.


Over 200 primary or Junior Schools across Sussex and Guernsey received an RDF Roadshow assembly. Each assembly is specifically designed and adapted to suit the appropriate age group. With approximately 17,000 children involved, the assembly enthuses kids not just about SCCC but about cricket and sport in general.

‘A Day in the Life’

This is a new project which targets high schools across Sussex highlighting the possibilities and opportunities available to young people in professional and recreational sport. Often run as part of multi-sport projects ‘A Day in the Life’ has proved successful in increasing awareness of and accessibility to a life in sport.

Cricket Club Roadshows

64 cricket clubs involved across Sussex with over 4000 kids involved. SCCC coaches and players give the cricket club junior section something different. Designed to enthuse kids about their club, SCCC and the game of cricket. Usually on a Friday evening, the Roadshow is an event for the whole club to enjoy and is a great way for families and communities to come together

Street20 Cricket

An extremely successful project run in Youth Clubs and after school clubs across Sussex. Without doubt Street20 has been an extremely successful engagement tool. This has benefited young people across Sussex and has of course benefited cricket in the county with the game being made more accessible.

Further projects are on-going to engage families and friends of Street20 participants to increase awareness of the potential of young people in their local community and to help unlock the possibilities available to them.

Street20 is:

  • Fast, fun and easy!
  • Games last 20 minutes.
  • Can be played anywhere from car park to youth club hall.
  • Rules are simple and can be adapted.
  • Accessible!
  • Sessions last for one hour.
  • Environment is familiar and specific to the participants needs.
  • All equipment is supplied.

    Virtual Cricket

    What is it?

    An exciting and fun way to introduce cricket to children whilst helping to build on their long term athletic development. Virtual Cricket ensures children spend time learning the ABC’S of athleticism (Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed) and teaches them how to control their own bodies.

    During the FUNdamental stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model, a wide range of sports are used to keep the athletes interested and ensure maximal enjoyment. A key focus at this stage is physical literacy which includes; coordination, balance, correct running techniques, jumping, throwing, and catching. The objective during this stage is to learn all fundamental movement skills and build overall motor skills which are lifelong skills useful in any physical activity. Having good physical literacy gives children and adults alike the confidence and skills to move between sports. Virtual Cricket is excellent at developing these skills with its variety of skills and tests.

    Easy to set up, run and score with no need for any specialist equipment, virtual cricket can be modified to be used in the smallest of school gyms or outside on the cricket field. It is simply a series of objectively scored physical activity drills, delivered using cricket equipment in a fun way.

    For more information please contact your Cricket Development Manager

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