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How about hiring the yurbuds Indoor School for Club or School?

20% due at time of booking, 40% due 7 days before first session and final 40% due midway through the booking.

Please note the following conditions which will be strictly adhered to by the SCCC staff.

1) All net booking applications to be made on a correctly completed Booking Form, NB SCCC require signed confirmation that any bodies wishing to book the yurbuds Indoor School have adequate Public Liability Insurance, before they will be allowed to use our facilities.

2) Booking Forms must be posted to the Indoor School Administrator.
3) All Booking Forms must be accompanied by a Cheque made payable to Sussex CCC for the correct amount of 20% of the overall booking cost to cover the deposit. No bookings will be processed until an appropriate cheque is received.
4) The outstanding amount on the booking will be paid no later than 7 days before the booking is due to commence. If booking is made less than 7 days before the due start date then the whole amount shall be due before the booking can be processed.

5) A receipt/invoice including the conditions of booking will be sent to the Club Official responsible for the booking after each payment is received.

Please note that these conditions will be strictly adhered to. Please do not embarrass staff by asking them to waive any conditions, listed above. The management reserves the right of refusal.

Colin Bowley
yurbuds Indoor School Manager


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