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Life Membership Scheme

Life membership is your guarantee of getting cricket tickets and watching first class cricket games in a prime position at The BrightonandHoveJobs.com County Ground for the rest of your life - an opportunity not to be missed, especially with the exciting newly developed ground.

This exclusive scheme is open to members only and significant discounts on membership are available for the successful applicants.

The memberships are limited for each season, so for the opportunity to take advantage of this special offer, please act fast.

Membership fees

18 to 30             £5,000                  (discount of at least 55%)
31 to 40             £4,100                  (discount of at least 50%)
41 to 50             £3,600                  (discount of at least 45%)
51 to 60             £2,800                  (discount of at least 30%)
Over 60              £2,100                  (discount of up to 50%)

Please note:
Only Standard Membership available (option to upgrade annually).
Age at 31 May 2014.

Only 3 per age band available each season.
Applications required by 31 May 2014.

Members must be 2014 Members to apply.

Discounts quoted assume a life expectancy to 80 years old.

Should there be more than 3 applications, a draw will be held to decide the successful application. All buyers have the right to purchase a second Lifem Membership in the year of purchase at a 25% discount for their partner (whom must reside at the same postal address).

For more information please contact: Membership Office, Sussex County Cricket Club,
The BrightonandHoveJobs.com County Ground, Eaton Road, Hove BN3 3AN

Email: membership@sussexcricket.co.uk
Tel: 0844 264 0206

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