About Us

Our Purpose & Mission

Sussex Cricket has a strong history of engaging with their local communities across both East and West Sussex.

Sussex Cricket in the Community is a new brand to reflect an extension of this heritage, and will embark on a broader range of programmes aimed at having a positive impact on the lives of Sussex residents.

Through conversations with both local and national organisations we are in no doubt that we can positively affect our community and working on insight we have found and are continually establishing, we can manage programmes to target specific areas of need.

Our Mission Statement is:

Building better futures and stronger communities using the power of cricket.

We plan to do this by the following strategic objectives:

Take Part

Vision: Providing inclusive opportunities to play and excel.

  • Providing pathways to the professional game for Sussex cricketers
  • 15,000 Sussex children receiving coaching from us every year
  • Creating an additional network of inclusive cricket hubs countrywide

Get Smart

Vision: Inspiring an appetite for learning.

  • Securing recognition as a centre for learning in Sussex
  • Developing an employability programme supporting local job seekers
  • Reducing the environmental impacts of Sussex Cricket

Feel Good

Vision: Promoting healthy choices.

  • Raising awareness and impacting key health issues affecting Sussex
  • Recruiting, training and rewarding cricketing volunteers
  • Creating healthy communities through our charitable and economic impact