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Scott with his hero, Holly Colvin

Meeting my women’s cricket hero


Scott Rollings has been following the women's game for half-a-decade. In his second blog for us in the build-up to the Women's Ashes, he tells us about meeting his hero, Holly Colvin.

It’s obvious that whilst watching sports, you’re always going to have your favourites. It didn’t take long for me to take a liking to left-arm spinner, Holly Colvin.

During games, it was obvious to see that she was giving everything for the team. Always the first one out and last in when doing fielding drills and bowling practice. She’s the same age as me as well, which gave a different level of respect that she was representing her country. Whilst doing all the England training, Holly was also juggling university and doing a lot of working with the charity Cricket Without Boundaries in different countries. I couldn’t even imagine trying to balance all of that. Also, the “left arm round the wicket coming between the umpire and the stumps” always fascinated me because I had never seen anyone come into bowl like that before.

I had the pleasure of watching my first women’s game at Lord’s against India. After missing the build-up and the first four overs (my use of public transport leaves a bit to be desired) I looked at the team sheet and, much to my disappointment, Holly wasn’t in the XI. However, I loved every second of watching a superb game at the Home of Cricket and had a Brucey bonus once the game had finished.

The stewards opened the gates and allowed us on to field to watch the presentation for the end of the series. Once this had concluded, I was on my way out and happened to walk past Holly herself. So, not missing a photo opportunity, I shakily asked if I could have a photo with her. I was so ridiculously nervous that I couldn’t get my camera working on my phone, but she was so nice about it and eventually I managed to get a picture with my cricketing hero. I left the ground with the biggest grin you could possibly imagine. An amazing experience, topped off by meeting the person whose name I had on the back of my cricket shirt. Incredible!

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