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Zac Toumazi, CEO of Sussex CCC
and Simon Leigh-Jones of English’s

English’s and Sussex CCC unite to support Junior members


English’s of Brighton is delighted to announce the sponsorship of Sussex County Cricket Club’s Junior Membership for 2015. How appropriate that we’ve teamed up with Sussex for next season – oldest Brighton restaurant partners with oldest professional UK sports club!

English’s is also the south’s leading seafood restaurant and oyster bar and the only place in Brighton where you can taste the delights of four varieties of oysters, as well as many other delightful seafood dishes.

There are lots of exciting new products in the pipeline for Junior members, so it’s a great time to be associated with the Club and we’re looking forward in helping the club generate more interest in cricket, county wide.

We will also be putting together a special ‘Sharkz’ menu in the restaurant which will offer all members a twist on some of our most popular dishes, including our ever-popular fishcake. Members and their families will also receive discounted bills and the opportunity to try lobster and other interesting dishes when they visit – although Shark is definitely off the menu; Sid wouldn’t be happy!

Keep an eye out on our website and for further communications from both ourselves and the Club as we move towards next season.

Good ‘Old’ Sussex By The Sea has never been more apt for the pair of us!

Simon Leigh-Jones, English’s restaurant.

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