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Nik Askaroff

Small Venue Big Family Makes For Great Business Networking


When I was asked for my thoughts about what’s it like as a local businessman visiting the county cricket ground at Hove a few things immediately came to mind. Firstly, the intimacy.

If you’ve ever visited a ground like Lords or the Oval, as great as they are you’ll know that the scale and organisation of the venue keeps various groups divided up. You’ve got the big corporates on one tier, members in another, fans in the stands and so on.

At Sussex you can be standing in the Boundary Club, their networking group, and be alongside a chairman of a multi-national corporation or a one man band from anywhere in the county. That’s great, that’s what makes it so welcoming and great for business networking.

You can pop in and out as your diary allows, catch some play at lunch time, go back to the office then, after work, see the remaining overs left that day and meet a few colleagues for a beer while you do it. I love it.

And the big family theme is made that much more real by the accessibility you get to the players. They live locally, they move around the ground, they pop over and say hello; what a difference to the world of professional football.

Whether you attend on an ad hoc basis or go along to a Boundary Club event, you are guaranteed a warm welcome from everyone from board directors to middle managers, from businesses employing several thousand people to your local restaurateur.

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