Get Smart

The link between sport and education is powerful. Both take dedication and commitment to succeed.

Using our close links with schools, colleges and universities across Sussex we want to raise aspirations and achievements.

We’ll also work with businesses and other organisations to offer the experiences and opportunities that will help people wherever they are in life.

Using the facilities we have here at the club including our Sussex cricket museum we feel that we can offer something a little different to complement curriculum studies.

Get Smart is also around our environmental impact.

Here at SCitC we care about the impact we have on our environment and are keen to deliver projects to address this. Please see the Environment tab on the left for more information.

Our objectives for our Get Smart programmes include:

  • To supplement our schools programme with additional educational messaging aligned to the national curriculum e.g. numeracy, literacy, IT, geography, history
  • To work with other agencies in the development and delivery of training and education opportunities for 16+ linked to employment
  • Develop Sussex Cricket as a centre for learning
  • To make more use and work with our Museum to offer schools additional opportunities
  • To reduce our environmental footprint

We have a number of different programmes that fall under the Get Smart banner