Health Screenings

Boundaries for life health screenings (P&H member)

Promoting free NHS screenings

On the day a total of 56 adults underwent the free health screening process which is similar to a car’s annual MOT check – measuring blood pressure, blood sugar levels, body mass index and cholesterol levels, all key indicators relating to chronic diseases.

Jim May the Sussex County Cricket Club chairman said "The free health screen checks provided are first rate. It is very important that we take responsibility for our own well-being and a simple health MOT is very helpful."

Former Sussex player and current employee of the club Tony Cottey also attended the event

“When I turned 40 I decided I’d like to take a Health Screen every year to monitor my Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes levels etc... The main reason being my father and paternal grandfather had heart problems in their middle age. My father had a heart attack at 60 with a triple bypass at 63 and sadly my Grandfather died aged 52 from a massive heart attack.

In Swansea I had a complimentary MOT each year, however since moving to Hove, I have found it more difficult to find the same opportunity, so when Boundaries for Life brought their Health Screening to Sussex County Cricket Club, it was a great chance to get my Annual Check.

It was carried out with great efficiency (about 10 minutes in total) and I was made to feel very much at ease, throughout the Check-Up.

The Cricket Club is a great catchment area for people of my age (48) and over, and males (who aren’t that good at  visiting the Doctor!), to encourage them to have a health screening and nip any potential problems in the bud.

I would heartily recommend this screening to all and genuinely hope it is an Annual Event at Sussex CCC”.