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CT20: A taste of the Caribbean


An alternative view of Sussex's fantastic victory over the Netherlands yesterday thanks to Dave Brooks, who is keeping his eye on the fans, the food and the police!...

11th January 2012

Not too shabby a start on a very difficult pitch. But it was a minor miracle we made it!

After a morning at ease, with coaches and support staff getting some sun while the players hid in the shade (sun saps energy - now you know why are tired on holiday!), we boarded our bus at 1.45 to head to the ground - lead by a Police outrider.

And that was hairy! The Police escort decided his role was to plough down the wrong side of the ride with us behind him, and with his blue lights flashing. Red lights were of no concern - though other road users were less accomodating and we had several rather violent halts.

Ok, so it shaved 10 minutes off the journey, but also 5 years off our lives . . . WOW! There will be a rush for the back next time he leads us out, you just don't want to watch!

Anyway, at the Ground it was great to see out first fans! The ever present Paul Elford and Di Brearley had jetted in - via 5 flights! Having booked early, they had already sorted Trinidad so they had to Island hop to get to Antigua via 4 other islands. Now that is what I call a Tour :)

They were joined by Simon Smith who had come in from New York - a very cosmopolitan bunch.

As the game started, I think we had half the crowd with those three. But as work ended, quite a few more piled in and the drums, the trumpets, and the disco blared out creating a rocking atmosphere. Thanks to Paul, Di and Simon - the lads do appreciate it, and we have supporters to join us later on the trip

Added to the noise was the wonderful smells of Caribbean cooking from a motley assortment of food stalls. The big screen kept showing a huge grill of spiced chicken - very disruptive for hungry cricketers, especially our meat feasters, Kirk and Amjad.

It was great to get a win away first up. It is a tough ground to bat on and Browny played a very mature knock after going in on a hat-trick ball.

We batted sensibly, bowled tidily, and fielded with intensity and came up worthy winners. Now to prepare for a big one - Jamaica!

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