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CT20: An early blog from the Caribbean!


Sussex might not kick off their Caribbean T20 campaign until tomorrow evening in Antigua but your very own Chief Executive Dave Brooks has already made everyone back home jealous of the weather.

09th January 2012

Well, we have made it and the players have had their first practise, standard fare so far!

Got to and through Gatwick with no fuss but then on our way to Antigua the flight was due to touch down, drop us and others off, and re-fuel ready for the flight home before emptying in St Kitts.

First change of plan!

Not sure what is going on, but there are major fuel issues in the Caribbean and Antigua had run out so let's fly straight over and head to St Kitts first - they have fuel there! So we did with a rather odd and random slaloming down the runway on landing . . . which the pilot enjoyed so much, he repeated on the way down in Antigua - and upped the ante with an emergency stop. No applause for either landing . . .

The flight has caused a minor outbreak of iPad Monopoly. After Messrs Robinson, Hopkinson and Liddle bickered all the way across the Atlantic, more of the boys have downloaded, and Will Beer is delighted to have beaten his computer twice! But Robbo is still fuming over the injustice of a missed go.

Most of the boys are best mates with the hotel electrician after a bout of dodgy air conditioning machines. Trying to fix the one in the Liddle/Gatting room caused total blackness after a loud bang - followed by a surprised sparky emerging through the gloom to announce "I need parts".

All the players are fit and available for selection, with the highlight being Yards doing a "reverse-Dhoni" to pop the gloves on and neatly stump Will Adkin off a snorting, biting, spitting Robbo off-break! Mind you, against the quicks it was more like Sammy the Seal in a blindfold . . .

Which leaves an afternoon at leisure, visualising men in orange charging at us in two days, though for now this is the view!

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