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CT20: We're going to Bardados...


Sussex Sharks are in Barbados ahead of tonight's clash in Bridgetown and Dave Brooks has been keeping us posted on what the squad have been up to on the trip.

18th January 2012

We are here on the third island of the trip (well, if you include our little fuel stop over in St Kitts) and straight away it feels so different to Antigua. Antigua felt like a small community whereas here on Barbados, you know you are in a "big city".

The flight over left an hour earlier than we thought. Having been told it was 10.30pm, we were all settled in sipping water as various Monopoly matches, and FA Manager iPad games were running (Robbo got sacked by Hull after fan protests in October!) when Kirk luckily heard a call for our flight. So, off to the Departure Gate only to be held there for 20 minutes waiting for the downpour to end or we would all have got soaked walking 250 yards !

Our plane was a charter plane so all cricket related. Which was great until it was clear we were all staying in the same hotel and all of a sudden at nearly midnight, the one guy on Reception gets swamped by four full squads turning up all wanting their rooms immediately! I am proud to say we at Sussex got our lot sorted first - but it was carnage as one or two West Indian internationals don't seem to understand they may need to wait their turn!

And so to Monday and our only day off on this trip so it was time for a boat cruise on the Jolly Roger. It was fab with the whole squad going, swimming with turtles (so cute, the turtles, not the players swimming), and a rope swing off the boat that we managed to get 6 players (and nearly 7 if only Mach could jump) on . . . and then all off in a big splash!

But now it is time to get the gameheads back on as practise this afternoon at the Desmond Haynes Ground, before our big opportunity on prime time in front of a big crowd at the legendary Kensington Oval. Who is going to take down the competitions leading batter, Mr Dwayne Smith?

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