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FORUM: Held this morning at The PROBIZ


A crowd of around 100 members and supporters attended a forum this morning in the Boundary Rooms which included Professional Cricket Manager Mark Robinson, Chief Executive Dave Brooks and Chairman Jim May.

The forum was held prior to Day Three of Sussex’s LV=County Championship match with Nottinghamshire and Sussex invited questions in advance of the morning via Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to all those who attended this morning and also to those who submitted questions via the Internet. The summarised answers to the following questions are below:

Questions from Twitter & Facebook

Will Steve Magoffin become a more permanent fixture at Hove?
John Conway

Steve has fitted in really well both as a person and a player and we would like to continue that relationship through 2012, and discussing this with him and Queensland at the moment.

Why did we not offer Ollie Rayner better terms? Were we not able to?
James Dawes

Ollie just wanted to play, and play in all formats of the game and we could not give his those opportunities. Sometimes, you have to let people go for their benefit however popular they may be.

Why are we selling off our wonderful ground to corporate sponsorship like PROBIZ and Herbalife?
James Dawes

As a small county, who wish to be competitive (a view shared by members and supporters) we need to work hard to raise the revenue to invest in cricket. Every penny we raise goes back into the sport as we have no dividends to pay or the like – and corporate sponsorship is an important area for us to grow new income.

What was the thinking behind knocking down the Tate gates and not replacing them in that position?                                   
James Dawes

We wanted to make our “new” ground more open and appealing for people to come in and our feeling was the old concrete pillars said “KEEP OUT” even when the gates were open. The new open entry has been welcomed by our visitors.

Murray Goodwin is without doubt a Sussex legend, but how long are you going to persist with him failing with the bat? It doesn't give confidence to those on the fringes playing well.     
David Frost

Murray has been a legend and we are sure that will continue. He is as keen as anyone to get a start and get some runs. The final word on selection will always go with the Captain who will pick the team he feels will do the best job Sussex on any given day. Young players scoring runs or taking wickets will get opportunity as Luke Wells, Joe Gatting, Ben Brown and Matt Machan have seen.

We need more cycle racks at the NE end of the PROBIZ. How about getting a local cycle shop to sponsor them?                                
Keith Ridge

I am sure we had more than we do – I (DB) am off hunting for them this week! We want to encourage cycling so will take up this idea too.

What is the club intending to do about the poor take up of seats on the South Stand?
Keith Ridge

The Club continue to promote these seats though it has been rather wet is the season so far. Hopefully with some warm weather, we can re-start the Tours and encourage others to join the 20 or so seat holders already in place. Filling this area was always going to be a slow burn and we will seek new ways of marketing this opportunity.

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