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HURLING: Sussex players try their hand at different sport


Sussex’s players tried something a little bit different this week during their pre-season training as they braved the cold temperatures to try their hand at hurling.

Sean Torpey of Torpey Hurleys, one of the most popular hurley makers in Ireland, came to show the squad the basics of the game and how they might be able to use some of the skills in batting, particularly with the reverse sweep.

Club Coach Mark Davis arranged the session as part Sussex's pre-season preparations. He said, "I met Sean on my MBA a couple of months ago and I thought it would be good to get him down and see if there are any synergies between cricket and hurling.

"We have looked at other sports over the years and seen if we can take anything from them and improve what we do. The other week we had a boxer in to see if we could learn anything about foot movement and power base."

Watch the video above to find out how much crossover there is between the two sports and how the players might be able to use some of the skills on offer. There is also interviews with Mark Davis and Sean Torpey.

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