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SCF: Launch of Sussex Cricket Foundation


Tim Shutt has been appointed as Managing Director of the Sussex Cricket Foundation

On November 1st 2015, Sussex Cricket Limited (SCL) came into being as the overarching governing body for all cricket in Sussex, thus creating a unique model for the sport in this country.

This was the result of an integration of three previous bodies, namely the Sussex County Cricket Club (responsible for professional cricket), the Sussex Cricket Board (responsible for recreational cricket and youth development) and the Sussex Cricket in the Community Trust (responsible for funding community-based cricket).

As part of this arrangement, a new registered charity has been formed, titled Sussex Cricket Foundation (SCF), with the purpose of managing all charitable activity on behalf of SCL. Whilst being accountable to the Charities Commission, it will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Sussex Cricket Limited, with the following responsibilities: manage the planning and execution of the Sussex Cricket in the Community (SCitC) programme; manage the Cricket Development Department in respect of recreational cricket; receive and manage charitable funding; undertake various fund raising activities, with a view to making grants in respect of the Blackstone Academy Ground, recreational clubs and community cricket programmes.

The Sussex Cricket Foundation will be chaired by David Bowden (currently President of Sussex Cricket) and he will be joined by 6 other trustees. These are John Abbott, David Dumigan, Daniel Oliver, Nigel Russell, Gary Stanley and Jack Wilkinson. Further Trustees will be appointed in the New Year to extend the mix of skills to govern all aspects of the Foundation’s activities.

Tim Shutt, having been leading the recreational and community programmes for the last four years, has been appointed Managing Director of the Sussex Cricket Foundation.

Tim Shutt stated: “Our aim is to create a lifelong passion for cricket in the heart of every community in the County and to use the power of cricket as a force for social good. We intend to do so by developing programmes to achieve greater participation and to improve education and health outcomes, working with hundreds of local partners in doing so.

“Furthermore, the Foundation will focus on providing a high level of support to the amateur clubs of Sussex, to the Leagues, and to the development of coaches, umpires, scorers and groundsmen, without whom the game simply wouldn’t happen”.

Zac Toumazi, Chief Executive of SCL, stated: “The Foundation has a huge role to play in delivering the overarching strategy of Sussex Cricket. A fundamental reason behind the merger is to strengthen cricket at all levels and a sustainable network of community cricket clubs is paramount to this. Therefore, Tim’s team will maintain a strong focus in this area, as well developing the clear opportunities cricket has to contribute to social agendas in the diverse communities of our County.”

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