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SPORT RELIEF: Sussex CCC’s Sport Relief Mile


Sussex CCC got involved with the Sport Relief Mile in Brighton on Sunday, and even Sid the Shark was on hand to encourage youngsters to take part!

Many children ran, hopped, skipped and bounced the Mile on Sunday and still had the energy to bat, bowl, throw and catch in and around the SCCC ‘Cricket Cage’ positioned close to Brighton’s seafront.

Sid kept popping out of the sea to show the kids just how bad his batting and bowling is. But he is an expert at having his photo taken! Craig Young of Sussex’s Academy Plus section put himself in the firing line against some big hitters, some of who were 6 and 7 years old. They swept, pulled and drove him all day and he still came back for more.

Players from Sussex’s Academy then joined ECB Head of Womens Cricket and SCCC Board Member Clare Connor for the run after showing off their fantastic talents to the spectating children, who were amazed at the speed and power of cricket so close up, and of course the added bonus to actually play with them.

Most encouraging of all for the Sussex Cricket Board were the dozens of enquiries by parents asking where their children could experience more cricket and how they could find out about joining clubs in and around Brighton & Hove.

Sussex Cricket Board Cricket Development Manager Simon Funnell said, “It was a long hot day in the sun for everyone involved on Sunday but it was fantastic to see so many youngsters have the energy to bat, bowl and field after they had run the Sport Relief Mile.

“They also got chance to rub shoulders with our own youngsters who are aspiring to become professional cricketers and hopefully some of them will be joining clubs in the County on the back of this”.

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