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WINTER: Brownie's Blog


Sussex's wicketkeeper-batsman Ben Brown is another player amongst the ranks who is furthering his cricketing development away from Hove this winter. After he represented England in the Hong Kong Sixes, he flew to Australia to play club cricket in Perth where he aims to get vital match experience ahead of next summer. Here he talks about his winter away so far....

I'm currently writing this blog from Cottesloe Beach in Perth. It is 29 degrees with a light breeze as summer hasn't really got going here yet. If you are still reading I will let you know how the rest of my off-season has been going!

It began with a very enjoyable trip to Hong Kong to represent England in the annual ‘Hong Kong Sixes’ alongside Chris Nash. So much for escaping Nashy's ropey banter for a whole winter! We were joined by some good players from around the County circuit, and coached by Somerset Head Coach Andy Hurry. It was great to represent England and although the cricket didn’t go quite as planned for us, it was a good feeling to put the shirt on and definitely made us all hungrier to represent our country at a higher level.

We were unfortunately eliminated after the first day of matches, but at least we managed to win Hong Kong's answer to the Ashes with Nashy smashing the Aussies to all parts! There was certainly a social side to be enjoyed when the tournament was finished and the afterparty on Sunday night was very much enjoyed by all, even if it did make my plane journey to Perth a little more painful the next morning! 

I arrived in Perth in the early hours of the morning, but luckily I have family here who volunteered to pick me up from the airport. I doubt I was looking my best after a long flight and the Hong Kong afterparty, but they seemed pleased to see me all the same! After a few days I got settled with a car (1997 Holden Commodore!) and moved in with two lads who play for Western Australia and the same club side as me (Melville). We are a very strong side and we expect to be challenging for all the titles over here. I'm pleased to be at a strong club in a competitive A Grade competition, as I'm hoping this will really help me push my game on ahead of next summer. There are some good coaches here, as well as some experienced players in our squad who I am looking forward to working with. 

I have also joined a good gym here so I can keep the fitness coach happy and get all my training done, hopefully as a by-product I might look a little better at the beach too!

Unfortunately I don't have too much cricket to report on as ironically when it was our turn to bat in a two-day game (played over two weekends) it rained all day so I didn't bat! Luckily since then the weather has returned to normal service. I'm looking forward to this weekend where we have day one of a two-day game on Saturday and a One Day game on Sunday so hopefully I can get some runs under my belt. 

I hope you are all wintering well and I will keep you updated with my progress in Perth, hopefully with more cricket to report on next time!


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