No Boundaries Update

The No Boundaries programme has now been running for 3 months, and the following case study shows the success of the programme at this date. Work experience, classroom training, volunteering and group activities have all been vital in the success of the No Boundaries programme.    

The No Boundaries programme at Arundel Castle 
Case Studies

Mr T was one of No Boundaries first members. He used to work in basic IT with windows office. Before Mr T joined No Boundaries he said he felt switched on and alright in himself but “I was on IT courses going nowhere”. He thought he wanted to go into IT and web design as a career but there were no realistic opportunities.

No Boundaries gave Mr T an introduction to the cricket club and gave him a suitable placement job, because he became more sociable, interactive, and fulfilled within the group and therefore the job. He is currently on a 15hr paid weekly contract, with a potential full time job. Working for the cricket club has given him a lot of responsibility and therefore self-esteem.

Some of the activities that Mr T attended in No Boundaries and found inspiring were the visit to the Victorian police cells in Brighton and the raft building at Hove lagoon and numerous other confidence building activities. He is quoted as saying “the lots of activities and communication benefit you in many ways that you do not realize until you go home”.

“I would definitely recommend No Boundaries to anyone, I was stunned! I didn’t think it would be any good as I was doing voluntary work, I think it was meant to be and I am now happy and secure doing a job that I love”. 

No Boundaries group enjoy team activities at the Hove Lagoon
Mr M
Before No Boundaries Mr M said he was sitting at home getting more and more depressed. The last job he has was as a gardener but he had to stop doing it because of his anxiety attacks. It has been particularly difficult for Mr M for various health reasons such as Angina, he is blind in one eye and suffers from Goldenhar Syndrome.

No Boundaries has given Mr M the confidence to stop worrying about how he looks and his disability. Mr M said “the best bit about No boundaries was doing the stuff that I never thought I could do. It’s given me the inspiration that I’ve put off in the past, like now I want to re-sit my English and Maths GCSE’s.” He also said “I would definitely recommend this group, it would suit anybody who has a disability or depression. No Boundaries will give them the confidence and make them believe there are no boundaries in their lives.”

Mr M recently applied for a job at Sainsbury’s and is now leaving the course because he has been offered full time employment as a driver at Sainsbury’s. 

The No Boundaries group during classroom activities 
Mr K
Mr K was in a bad mental state, being depressed and unemployed for many years. He was at rock bottom. When he first started No Boundaries, he was absolutely terrified with nerves but was incredibly brave, took a deep breath and turned up.

Since being on No Boundaries Mr K has had a 100% turn around. He has completed all tasks in hand for example; building a raft and racing it, he has completed his individual learning plan, along with volunteered at an animal sanctuary. He thoroughly enjoyed the educational trips to Arundel Castle and the Brighton Victorian police cells.

Mr K has had such a massive confidence boost that he has applied to the City College in Brighton to start a catering course at level 2. Mr K was offered this place straight away because his confidence was so high. He started this course three days ago and absolutely loves it!

The No Boundaries programme included a wide range of voluntary work
Mrs M
Before No Boundaries Mrs M did nothing but tried to find work, but got frequently knocked back because of her age. This massively affected her self-esteem making Mrs M feel quite depressed and low, as life was hard for her trying to provide for her and her daughter, especially getting knocked back at frequent interviews.

This is what she said “It couldn’t have come at a better enough time, if I didn’t have No Boundaries this summer, I have no idea how I would have got through moving house.”
Mrs M said that her favourite activity from the course was the zip wire they attended at Adventure Unlimited. “From day one I didn’t think I could do it, but I felt amazing and empowered having accomplished my fears!”

Since No Boundaries Mrs M has applied for many more jobs and successfully moved home, she continued to volunteer for the group but has just recently got a new job as a receptionist. Mrs M would recommend No Boundaries to anyone, and is so thankful that it gave her that kick start to restarting her life. She is eternally grateful and has met lifelong friends!

During the No Boundaries programme, participants have the opportunity to take part in work experience. (Pizza Express)