Community News


Sussex County Cricket Club were pleased to be able to support local charity Off the Fence in 2015.

Off The Fence work in 3 areas: emergency outreach to those living on the streets and a homeless centre, Antifreeze which provides emotional and practical assistance for exiting homelessness; support for women facing times of crisis at Gateway women’s centre and a Schools & Youth programme for pupils aged 6-18 in schools around the city.

Antifreeze gives life-saving support to homeless individuals around the City as well as those who, for many years, have struggled with addictions, mental health issues, job loss, violence and grief which have led to life on the streets. Through night outreach our team encourage individuals to come to the Day Centre which offers various levels of help. The team listen to them and value them as people, offering motivational interviewing and one to one sessions with trained keyworkers. They also provide access to a telephone, computers as well as foot care, healthcare, dental care, and legal advice.

Gateway offers non-judgmental support to women who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness and isolation, domestic abuse, relationship issues, financial difficulties or who are simply unable to cope with life on a day to day basis. Gateway aim to help women rebuild a positive identity, grow in self-confidence and to encourage a sense of self-worth. Gateway run various workshops, one to one meetings and outreach support, accompanying clients on vital appointments and visiting those unable to leave home.

Off the Fence are also working in local Primary and Secondary schools with young people. The Schools & Youth Team supports school pupils across Brighton & Hove. The team deliver a package of after school activities, assemblies, Self-Esteem lessons, Prayer Spaces, Drug and alcohol awareness lessons, mentoring and safe space drop ins.

Through collections at our T20 matches we are delighted to donate £440 to Off the Fence to support the Anti-Freeze project across the winter.

Jane Wood said “we were delighted to have been chosen as one of SCCC’s T20 Charity Partners for the 2015 season. The partnership has enabled Off the Fence to highlight its work to a wider audience. All the money raised will be spent on providing essential life-saving supplies to assist our Antifreeze clients. Thank you for your generosity and support”!

For more information about Off the Fence please visit their website HERE.