BLAGSS cricket challenge

Sussex County Cricket Club were delighted to hold a Street20 cricket taster session for BLAGSS (Brighton Lesbian and Gay Sports Society) to support the ECB’s promotion to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgender) community to the exciting world of cricket!

15 somewhat hesitant members of BLAGGS were accompanied by the very friendly Sussex Cricket Club coaches at Preston Park to give the sport a go!

Viv Woodcock co-ordinator of BLAGGS was kind enough to describe her first encounter of cricket!

‘We gathered at the cricket ground knowing we had only been told “wear what you like, but make sure you wear shoes you can run in!”  We met the coaches and soon kicked off with some catching practice – we quickly learned there is actually a technique to catching a cricket ball!  Some of us began to settle into the sport, as we found we could both throw a ball, and catch it.  But then, we turned to learning how to overarm bowl!  Hmm, some more practise on this will be needed, but we learned the basics.  We were having such fun – laughing so much, and suddenly we found ourselves playing a game of Street 20 Cricket – fast, furious and great fun.’ 
‘We enjoyed it so much, we have arranged for Sussex County Cricket to be involved with the Pride Sports Day in Preston Park on 27th July.’

If you would like to come along to the Pride sports day please visit or just come along to the park and join in - all are welcome!’