County Hearing Impaired (HI) squad

Deaf Cricket across Sussex is now beginning to gather pace and, for the first time, there is a genuine opportunity for young deaf cricketers to experience the sport, learn and improve within it, and look to push forward and represent both Sussex and potentially England through the England Deaf Team.

Once involved in one of the three County squads, players have the opportunity to receive fortnightly winter indoor training, followed by weekly outdoor summer training. From there, inter-County competitions are played for competition, which can lead into nominations being made for one of the three Countrywide Talent ID development centres, where the England Deaf coach, works with the boys, seeking out potential, which can be harnessed and grown into an international career.

Our current offer includes:

  • U12 Boys team
  • U17 Boys Team
  • Girls Team
  • We are also keen to hear from adults who would be interested in forming a County Squad &/or taking a coaching qualification.


    To play deaf cricket for England a hearing impairment would mean having a hearing loss of 55 decibels or less in their better ear – ie they would be unable to hear an everyday conversation.

    More information on the England Cricket Association for the deaf can be found HERE

    For more information about the Hearing Impaired squad contact