County Visually Impaired (VI) Squad

The Sussex Sharks have been established for over 10 years and play in a national league against other visually impaired cricket teams from across the country.

With the rules of cricket being slightly adapted for the various sight conditions Visually Impaired cricket is accessible to all with a registered sight condition and is very much a ‘come and have a go’ sport.

Coached by existing squad members the activity is fully insured, certified and played in a supportive Environment.

There has been huge success within the team with 4 Sussex players included in the 17 man England Visually Impaired squad for the 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup.

The current offer includes:

  • Senior squad for 16+
  • Youth squad for 8 – 16 year


There are 3 categories for the England Blind Cricket squad

  • B1 – no sigh, up to ability to see the difference in light and dark
  • B2 – ability to distinguish shapes held in front of the face, up to a sight acuity of 2-60/field of vision less than 50
  • B3 – an acuity of 6-60

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