Teacher Training

This programme has been designed to give Teachers working with all Key Stages the confidence to deliver cricket using a variety of small sided games and practices which can be delivered indoors and outdoors with limited cricket facilities.

The length and content of the course is bespoke to each schools need. Instead of a course, we can offer to deliver training ‘on the job’ through curricular and extra-curricular activity.

The course will provide teachers with the opportunity to:

  • Review and practice their coaching process or how-2 coach skills.
  • Consider how aspects of cricket can be integrated into all Key Stages.
  • Practice using the Howzat! Resource to plan for and deliver cricket specific games and practices.
  • Deliver micro-coaching and receive high quality feedback.
  • Reflect on their skills and knowledge and build an action plan to support their professional development.

The course is for a qualified teacher, someone working towards a teacher education qualification or anyone working within education directly supporting a learner. All participants will be required to undergo an assessment to gain their certificate (assessment to be planned around the bespoke training required).

For more information please contact Steve Feazey on steve.feazey@sussexcricket.co.uk